The Experience

Finding the right gown can be a treasure hunt. At Athaena we aim to make the experience as luxurious and enjoyable as possible. When deciding, you may choose from our existing collection or you may have a piece custom designed just for you.
Our clothes are bespoke. The gowns are carefully hand crafted which requires time. We ask that you give us at least 6 months to get your garment ready – but we are able to accommodate shorter time frames too.

Your gown fitting process will comprise of at least three visits to our studio:

1st Visit: 90 minutes

Discuss your theme, try on sumptuous samples, choose colours, fabrics, embroidery, beading etc. We take your measurement. 50% payment

Toile and 1st fitting: 1 hour

Depending on the style, we may need to produce an initial sample in calico to ensure the concept works.  We will fit the bodice, seams etc. 75% payment

Final fitting: 1 hour

1-2 weeks to the wedding date to ensure your gown is perfect for your big day. 100% payment